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    Depending on the range and quantity of necessary parts spelled out in the client`s order, it may take us 2 -15 days to furnish the client with the offer, including prices, quantity, delivery time, forms of payment etc.

How to fill in your order form?

    To speed up the processing of your order and shorten the preparation time of high-quality offer it is necessary to follow some simple but extremely important rules for us.
    The order prepared in the right way should include :

  1. Correct technical descriptions of ordered parts as designated in a spare parts catalogue of the concrete automobile model. Attention! If you are short of the necessary spare parts catalogue to make an order could you please contact us.
  2. Reference numbers of ordered parts as designated in the corresponding spare parts catalogue.
  3. Quantity of each type of ordered parts.
  4. Destination where a delivery is to be made.
  5. Delivery terms in accordance with "INCOTERMS-90".
  6. Preferable form of payments.
    The order may be sent by e-mail, fax or using e-mail.
    If you face any problems in filling in your order form, our specialists will be pleased to advise you on all questions and place our commercial offer in the shortest possible time. In addition, we may send catalogues of spare parts for the following automobile models:
  • KAMAZ;
  • MAZ;
  • KRAZ;
  • ZIL;
  • GAZ;
  • UAZ;
  • LADA;
as well as for other car models on your individual request.

    The inquiries and orders should be sent to the address:;

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